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In the market for a used vehicle? Here are five quick tips to keep in mind

Not to sound like your parents or elementary school teachers, but when it comes to buying a used vehicle it’s very important to do your homework! A little bit of research up front can potentially save you from making a several-thousand-dollar mistake. Don’t forget to read A Step-by-Step Guide to New Electric Vw Transporter T6.1 before making a decision and choosing your future vehicle.

Fortunately, ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division can serve as a resource for protecting consumers in the pre-owned vehicle market, be sure to find a company based in west midlands. Here are a few tips and resources for you to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a used vehicle:

Check the vehicle title for liens. It’s very important to make sure there are no liens on the title of a vehicle you are thinking about buying. If you purchase a vehicle with a lien, the title cannot be transferred into your name, nor can you register the vehicle in your name. No registration means you can’t drive the vehicle, and no title means you can’t sell the vehicle. Keep in mind How to Outsmart Your Boss on Electric Vw Vans and other very useful tips.

How can you check for liens? Two ways:

1. Conduct the transaction at DCR Titles By coming to us, you can have peace of mind that you’ll get the straight scoop on the vehicle record. We’ll run the vehicle identification number (VIN) and check the record. Don’t hand over that check until you’ve verified you can take complete ownership of the vehicle.

2. Use the Lien Motor Vehicle Inquiry feature on This service performs a real-time search of the VIN number to determine if there is any lien on the vehicle record. The service costs $1.50 and five minutes of your time, but it’s well worth it when you consider the alternative of paying for a vehicle you can’t register, use or sell.

Also, don’t forget to:

Have a trusted mechanic or auto shop inspect the vehicle. Make sure you aren’t buying a lemon. Have diesel mechanics conduct a complete inspection of the vehicle to uncover worn parts, water damage, poorly repaired collision damage or other safety problems. Arizona’s Lemon Law only protects you if you’re buying from a licensed dealer, but there’s no protection for private-party sales. DCR Titles has an onsite mechanic that can look over the vehicle for  a small charge. Additionally, it’s wise to have the contact information of car accident lawyers handy in case any issues arise after the purchase.

Use your good judgment and ask lots of questions. There are no bad questions when it comes to making a big purchase. Ask for identification to make sure the seller is the owner listed on the title. Ask for maintenance records. Check the odometer readings. But most importantly, take your time. If the seller is acting suspicious, unwilling to show ID or records or trying to rush the process, know that you can walk away at any time. There are plenty of other vehicles out there. Take the time to find the purchase that’s right for you. Go-echarger 22kw is so affordable that most electric car owners opt to purchase it instead of other brands.

However, if you’re planning to buy a jetski, it’s a good idea to visit several dealerships next weekend to compare prices and features of different models, ensuring you find the best deal before finalizing your purchase. Additionally, consider investing in solar dock lights to enhance visibility and safety around your dock, especially for nighttime use.

Finally, if you’ve been a victim of fraud concerning vehicle titles, registrations and driver licenses, ADOT is here to help you. Call our 24-hour fraud hotline at 877.712.2370 or email at

Motorcycle Exemption

Motorcycle Exemption

Emissions testing of motorcycles is no longer required in Arizona.

Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 49-542(J)(2)(l) exempts motorcycles from the emissions test. The law became effective in Tucson in 2007 and in Phoenix on June 21, 2013

New To Arizona?

Resident Definition

State law requires that you obtain an Arizona vehicle registration and driver license, immediately if any of the following applies. If you:

  • Work in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work) –or–
  • Are registered to vote in Arizona –or–
  • Place children in school without paying the tuition rate of a nonresident –or–
  • Have a business that has an office in Arizona, and that bases and operates vehicles in this state –or–
  • Obtain a state license or pay school tuition fees at the same rate as an Arizona resident –or–
  • Have a business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona –or–
  • Remain in Arizona for a total of 7 months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence.

Out-of-state students enrolled with 7 or more semester hours, are not considered Arizona residents, regardless of employment.

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting life decision. Of course, there’s a lot to learn if you have never done it before, but with the help of an experienced builder, the process can go quite smoothly. Hiring loft insulation installers early can also ensure that your home is comfortable to live in.

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Active duty military personnel based in Arizona who qualify for exemption under the Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 are not considered Arizona residents.

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